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Welcome to Barron Plumbing & Heating’s blog section! Here, you will find everything you may need to know about our trusted local plumbing company. We discuss all the latest news about plumbing, provide helpful tips on your next water heater service, offer a few updates on drain cleaning, and explain some things you need to know about your hydronic heating system. Visit this page regularly to stay updated on the leading plumbers servicing Atlantic City, Brigantine City, Ventnor City, and Margate City, NJ, as well as nearby areas. You may also get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call us or fill out our online form to reach out to our team.

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair: Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

Nov 8, 2023
tree roots in sewer line pipe Margate City, NJ

A huge mistake a homeowner can make is to leave their plumbing in Margate City, NJ unattended. In particular, ignoring sewer line issues can lead to costly and messy consequences. Our experts at Barron Plumbing…

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How to Detect Water Line Leaks Before They Become Disasters

Nov 1, 2023
homeowner checking water meter Atlantic City, NJ

There are instances when you might assume that your home’s plumbing is in optimal condition, not until you receive your water bill and see a significant increase that leaves you scratching your head. Those seemingly…

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Plumbing-Related Issues that Cause Mold Growth in Homes

Oct 20, 2023
mold growth in ceiling Brigantine City, NJ

Mold and mildew can quietly infiltrate your home, lurking in damp, dark corners and causing damage often hidden from plain view. These nuisances not only compromise the structural integrity of your property but also pose…

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Sewer Line Repair

Oct 13, 2023
plumbing team fixing broken sewer line Brigantine City, NJ

No one really wants to spend a lot of time thinking about their sewer line, but if something goes wrong, it needs to get taken care of ASAP. The consequences of ignoring a small issue…

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Common Issues that Affect Water Lines

Oct 5, 2023
leaking water pipes Ventnor City, NJ

Although water lines are built to last for decades, they tend to experience a wide range of issues from time to time. Some problems come with aging pipes or natural wear and tear, while others…

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We had an emergency situation. A clogged sewer that was backing up into our 1st floor shower. After a few astronomical estimates, we finally contacted Barron. They sent out Dave and Sean that afternoon. They were professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
Answered all of our questions, performed a great service and informed us on what we could do moving forward, most of all they, were affordable and clean. Couldn't have been happier. Will absolutely use them in the future and would highly recommend to anyone!

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