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Top-Quality Water Line Services in Atlantic City, NJ, and Nearby Areas

If you own a home or business anywhere in Atlantic City, NJ, and the surrounding areas, you will eventually need the help of a professional to care for your property. The expert team at Barron Plumbing and Heating is ready to handle a wide range of tasks for residential and commercial customers, and water line installation, repair, and replacement are just a few of the many services we provide.

Common Issues That Affect Water Lines

Limescale and mineral deposits are the most common culprits behind water line issues. They reduce water flow as they build up in the pipes over time. Furthermore, tree roots can find their way into subsurface pipes through small cracks and gaps, causing damage and obstructions as they expand. You can also end up with a damaged water line due to shifting ground, incorrect installation, and corrosive soil conditions.

Signs of Water Line-Related Issues

Since water lines are concealed underground and in other out-of-the-way locations, it’s easy to overlook underlying problems until they become full-blown. A few early warning signs of water line trouble include:

  • Persistent damp spots on lawns and driveways
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Dirty or cloudy tap water
  • Unexplained moisture on walls and other interior areas

What You Need to Know About Residential and Commercial Water Meters

Every home or building connected to a public water supply has a meter that measures the amount of water being consumed. However, water meters don’t differentiate the water you use and water that escapes through a leak in the system. But with regular monitoring, you can detect any potential problem with your line.

Water meters typically last between 15 and 20 years, but this lifespan can vary depending on factors such as wear and tear, physical damage, and water quality. Over time, they may become less accurate, resulting in billing discrepancies. When this happens, enlist our help for water line services and we will address the problem immediately.

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We take great pride in providing quality water line solutions that suit your needs and budget. We only use premium components compatible with the existing system and place a high value on customer care and satisfaction. We serve clients in:

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We had an emergency situation. A clogged sewer that was backing up into our 1st floor shower. After a few astronomical estimates, we finally contacted Barron. They sent out Dave and Sean that afternoon. They were professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
Answered all of our questions, performed a great service and informed us on what we could do moving forward, most of all they, were affordable and clean. Couldn't have been happier. Will absolutely use them in the future and would highly recommend to anyone!

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